FYM is currently looking for volunteers of all ages to help raise funds through Strikes Against Crime. This is a fun and easy way to raise financial support for the local mission work of Forgotten Youth Ministries. Strikes Against Crime is a bowl-a-thon that works in the same way as a walk-a-thon. Once a date for your event is chosen, your group's participants register and are provided with instructions and a sponsoring envelope. Support is raised by asking friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to sponsor you. 


On the day of the Strikes Against Crime event, everyone meets at the bowling alley and bowls. It’s FREE, FUN and EASY!  By participating in the Strikes Against Crime you are helping Forgotten Youth Ministries continue to take the message of God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ into detention centers, to help FYM volunteers instill new core values in detained individuals, and ultimately, to help us stop crime a child at a time.




Reports to: Julie Paul, Forgotten Youth Ministries

Community Service Hours: Qualifies*

*This event qualifies for community service hours. For every $1 you raise you will be given 1 minute of community service plus 2 hours for the bowling. The event coordinator will receive additional community service time for coordinating the Strikes Against Crime Event.

Time Required: Time to gather sponsors + 2 hours to bowl

Date & Time: To be determined by your group

Location: Stardust Lanes, 3750 Bay Road, Saginaw, MI

  1. This is a group fund raising event that helps Forgotten Youth Ministries continue to offer all programs and services to the juveniles in detention and their families. 
  2. You participate by becoming your group’s event coordinator and a bowler. If someone else in your group is the event coordinator you simply bowl.
  3. Once your group has an Event Coordinator, that person works directly with Julie Paul to determine a date and time for your event. Once you have a date and time, you will be able to register for your group's event by clicking on the Registration tab above.
  4. Bowling is FREE and includes shoe rental, 2 hours of bowling, pizza and pop. Once you are registered, you will receive an instruction sheet and pledge gathering envelope.
  5. Funds are raised as you gather sponsors for you to bowl. Bring your envelope with the funds you have collected to the event. Then you simply enjoy bowling, pizza, and pop with your friends!



This is a fun way to help FYM continue to reach out to the forgotten youth in our community. 

  1. Make a commitment to help FYM help the teens in detention. You have been given a sponsoring envelope that makes it easy to keep track of your sponsors and pledges.  
  2. Gather sponsors and list the names and information on the sponsoring envelope. Collect pledges like $5, $10, and so on. Ask people to sponsor you with a flat rate donation, not based on how many pins you knock down.
  3. Your sponsors may also sponsor you online. It is helpful to have that page up on your phone as you approach someone to sponsor you so they can easily do so with the "Pledge" button using PayPal and any major credit card.
  4. List all of your sponsors, including online sponsors, on your envelope along with their information. Be sure to collect all your cash or check pledges by the day of the event. You will only be given community service credit for the funds you turn in at the event or that have been donated online in your name.
  5. A great way to ask people to sponsor you is to say something like, “I’m bowling in the Forgotten Youth Ministries Strikes Against Crime. Would you like to sponsor me?”  If they have never heard of FYM (perish the thought!) let them know that we are a Christian organization dedicated to helping juvenile offenders transform their lives.
  6. Come and bowl. On the day of the event bring your sponsoring envelope, along with the funds you have collected, to Stardust Lanes on Bay Rd. in Saginaw.