fym ministry programs



The TRUTH Program

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” John 8:32

The TRUTH Program offers youth in detention the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a FYM mentor. The mentor’s goal is to provide Biblical guidance and spiritual education. Mentors use The TRUTH Bible Studies consisting of 20 topical Bible studies specifically written to address the needs and issues of detained individuals. Each Bible Truth sheet is an independent study written with the specific needs of incarcerated individuals in mind. As residents work through the Bible studies, they earn incentives such as New Testaments, Promise books, Christian DVDs, and a Life Application Bible.  



Church Services - Saginaw

Forgotten Youth Ministries provides a Sunday morning church service for the teens in detention in Saginaw. Volunteers bring in a smart TV and play Christian music and testimony videos followed by a message from the Word of God. 



Church Services - Bay City

Forgotten Youth Ministries provides a Sunday evening church service for the teens locked up in the Bay County Juvenile Home. The TV in the dayroom is used to play Christian music and testimony videos. This is followed by a message from the Word of God and a question and answer time. 



Live To Give

In February 2019 Forgotten Youth Ministries joined with The 10th Judicial Circuit Court - Family Division to begin to stock and open The Family Resource Center. The Family Resource Center is a new branch of the Forgotten Youth Ministries Live to Give Program and is a room at the Family Court filled with shelving for items to help families of the juveniles in detention and to help foster parents. Products include baby items, children's clothing, household items, health and beauty products, cleaning and paper products, and much more. Parents are referred by the child's probation officer, a Forgotten Youth Ministries volunteer, or the Family Court. The Live to Give Program also provides Consumer Energy Gift Certificates and Speedway Gas cards. 



Crafts & Cuisine

Each month volunteers teach the girls in detention life skills including basic cooking, art, sewing, and crafts while showing the love of Jesus! Many girls did not even know some of these crafts existed, especially things like crocheting! They are excited to be able to take their finished art, sewing, and craft projects with them when they leave. And, after they cook, the foods they prepare are served to the entire juvenile center population.



The GATHER Program

GATHER stands for Group Activities That Help Everyone Renew. Every month FYM assembles detained teens in the gym at the Saginaw County Juvenile Detention Center at which time live worship music is provided by the FYM Juvenile Center Worship Team. It is also during this time that FYM brings in guests such as former offenders who share their testimonies, youth groups, drama teams, young adults, worship teams, and motivational Christian speakers.